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i prioritized accessibility over aesthetics, so if you have issues navigating/reading things, lmk so i can try to fix any issues!

main blog: @pierz
headcanon request blog: @mogai-headcanons
coining blog: @neopronouns
18+ coining blog: @neopornouns
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- (poin)dexter, starman, stardust, flutters, levi, or whatever character is currently in my icon (at the moment: wind archer (or zephyr), sunburst, and piers)
- 22 (july 11 2001)
- junior in college (psych major)
- white + non-jewish + american + middle class
- tme + perisex
- cancer/canza
- neurodivergent + disabled
- traumagenic/autigenic system host
- atheist + secular humanist
- polymorph + otherwise alterhuman/nonhuman
- age dreamer

these are sort of grouped together in ways that i see them linked!
- amatopunk, voidpunk, rabiespunk, pluralpunk, and a trender/trenderpunk
- teddy femme + queer
- gender/orientation/pronoun hoarder
- artehelian genderqueer rosboy veldifem trans man
- excemelle generathian antigirl
- transmasculine + transneutral + transxenine + transkenous + transaurethine + adfeminine
- polyeros nonamorous aroallo mspec veldian
- apothiromantic + green stripe aro + aemospec
- posic+

pronouns and terms:
- he/him/his/himself
- ey/em/eir/eirself
- ve/ven/ver/ves/venself
- it/its/itself
- any other pronouns aside from she or they
- 'older' masc or neutral terms (mister, dude, guy, nonbin, man, etc)

- prof dx: autism (pda profile), adhd, cptsd, social/general anxiety, depression, dpdr
- unofficial dx from therapist: 'just right' ocd, trypanophobia
- self dx/potentially seeking dx: osdd-1b/p-did (unsure which), hypersexuality, chronic motor tic disorder, pd-ts with npd traits, thanatophobia, tokophobia, n24hswd
- not sure if these are from their own disorder or a symptom of something i already have: paranoia, dream anxiety disorder/nightmare disorder, several bfrbs
- i'm also hyperverbal, a neuronarrator, a polysynesthete, dysgeographic, and experience hyperempathy!
- i have really bad rsd and generally bad emotional regulation, but i try my best to manage it. i may lash out occasionally (usually if someone breaks my dni on purpose or tries to drag me into discourse), and i do apologize for that!
- prof dx severe scoliosis
- chronic pain
- possible hypermobility spectrum disorder (craniocervical instability, maybe more?)
- i can't bind for the above reasons, so if i post any pictures of myself, do Not mention it please!
- fluctuating fatigue

- i may at some point make pages detailing more terms/pronouns i use and my kintypes/copinglinks/etc!
- the system i'm part of has 15ish members! the mogai blogs belong mostly to me, but they may post on the main sometimes
- i'm very awkward, very anxious, and easily get distracted/forget things, so if you message me, i apologize for my lack of ability to carry a conversation lol

don't follow/interact

as mentioned in my dni banner, those who are on my dni can still use my terms, just don't directly interact with me.sending me asks attempting to argue with me about my dni will almost always result in an immediate block.

- pro-israel/anti-palestine, think pro-palestinian activism is antisemitic, deny the genocide of palestinians, etc.- queer/mogai exclusionist of ANY kind, including those who think that pronoun nonconformity (ex: he/him women), mspec lesbian/veldian/gay, lesboy/veldigirl, and similar 'contradictory' labels are 'harmful'- against endogenic or otherwise non-traumagenic systems, fakeclaim systems, etc.- are or support transx/transid. this includes transracial/trace/diaracial (not in the adoptee sense), transabled (those with biid are fine), and transage (chronosian/altage are fine)- ship/condone shipping incestuous/pedophilic/abusive/etc. ships, except when done entirely in private for coping reasons (aka 'proship', 'profic', 'anti-anti', whatever else you want to call yourself)- against researched self-diagnosis- demonize any mental illness/disorder, call certain ones abusive or 'problematic', etc.- infantalize any mental illness/disorder- mock or refuse to tag triggers

- anti-kink, including those against kink at pride- against any form of alterhumanity or nonhumanity- your blog is focused on any denomination of christianity- post/support thinspo, proana/pro-ed content, body-checking, etc.- pro-contact, neutral-contact, 'contact complex', or anti-therapy/recovery/etc. for certain paraphilic disorders (pedophilia/necrophilia/zoophilia)- 'consang'- post about ddlg or other ageplay kinks (do not send me asks about this, it's highly triggering and i will block you)- think fiction doesn't affect our perception of reality- uncritical fan of hamilton, hetalia, killing stalking, captive prince, call me by your name, south park, harry potter, boyfriend to death, any vivziepop media, twilight, k-12, family guy/similar shows, black butler, or attack on titan- support jk rowling, pewdiepie, or melanie martinez (if you don't know why, please use google, as i'm tired of having to talk about things that trigger me)

general rules

the sources list is not made up of every single problematic source, as literally everything has problematic elements. it's just media that i'm personally uncomfortable with making content of. therefore, you'll probably see media with problematic creators/aspects/etc. on my blogs.please don't tag my posts as 'q slur' specifically. 'q word', 'q power', 'qr', and other tags that do not call my identity a slur are fine.scroll to the bottom of this page to find the rules and requests pages for specific blogs!

nothing from these sources:
- real people (including characters that are intended to accurately/mostly accurately represent real people, such as those from 'hamilton')
- (the above rule does not include characters that are adjacent to, but distinct from, real-life counterparts. for example, youtuber personas like darkiplier, roleplay characters that share a name with their actors, etc.)
- it
- hetalia
- killing stalking
- captive prince
- call me by your name
- thirteen reasons why
- south park
- harry potter
- the adventure zone (canon art is problematic, only applies if you're asking for icons)
- heartbeat rpg
- boyfriend to death
- hazbin hotel/helluva boss/other vivziepop media
- twilight and its spinoffs
- detroit become human
- k-12
- family guy/american dad/the cleveland show
- game of thrones
- black butler
- yandere simulator
- the big bang theory/young sheldon
- anything by emma essex
- the arcana
- attack on titan
- dsmp (i just do not want to touch the discourse lol)
- stuff by bloofbloof on itch/webtoons
- pico's school
- i won't take most podcast reqs on @mogai-headcanons (unless said podcast has canon character art), but i'll take them on @neopronouns if they aren't icons!
- more obscure media, especially musicals, may not have transparents or shots i can easily make transparent, so i may have to refuse due to that

nothing involving these labels:
- pre-pubescent kids using split romantic/sexual identities (this doesn't include aroace and related terms, since that can be used as a non-sam identity)
- kindergender/clovergender, 'pedosexual', 'consang', anything else involving pedophilia/incest/beastiality/whatever
- circumgender/recugender, anything else involving a fully cis person refusing to be called cis
- sapio/morosexual
- queeragamic
- the sparrow/peacock/raven presentation system (this idea was basically stolen from a nln person trying to make terms for nln folks and is now used for all nonb folks, and since, again, there are other presentation systems, i also don't do this one)
- viro/coronavirosexual
- i take requests for the original meaning of rabiosexual/rabies pride, but i'll change 'rabiosexual' to 'rabiespunk' to avoid anyone thinking i'm a troll
- vixenamoric/todamoric/casiamoric
- factkin (i'm not exactly anti-factkin, it's a complex debate imo, but i don't feel equipped to make content involving it)
- i will change 'achillean' to 'vincian', as i personally use the original meaning of 'vincian', which is 'mlm' rather than 'gay man', so if you use the term 'vincian' without clarifying that you use it the other way, i'll take it to mean 'mlm'
- i'm personally uncomfortable with the term 'f/mboy' due to its connotations, so i'd prefer you to not use the word at all in requests, but if you do, i'll change it to 'rosboy' (there are many other similar terms, so if you prefer one of those just use that in your req) (this excludes ‘f/mboy’ being paired with a transfem/other tma headcanon or otherwise being reclaimed by a tma person)
- i will also change older diagnostic terms to their updated counterparts (ex: add to adhd-pi, ddnos to osdd, etc)

and on both blogs...
- i reserve the right to refuse any request
- (+ i may or may not give a reason)
- please don't send the same request multiple times within a short time frame
- filter 'discourse' and 'discourse /' to avoid seeing negativity
- please be kind if i or a requester has made a mistake
- also be kind when informing me of problems within media, as i don't know everything
- (i have very bad rsd due to my adhd, so if you point something out as though i should have known about it, it'll put me on the defensive)

@mogai-headcanons rules

what you can send:
- mogai/liom identity headcanons of any character
- relationship headcanons involving some mogai identity (ex: '[character] is opalian and is dating [character] who's a trans man')
- additional headcanons (ex: '[character] is agender and prefers not to bind')
- questions about terms you see on the blog, how to use certain pronouns, etc
- if you'd like to request from a sexual source, i'd prefer you to send the request to @neopornouns, my 18+ blog! it'll be tagged appropriately on either blog, but i like to be organized.
- please direct all other mogai requests to my other blog, @neopronouns!

general rules:
- please don't argue with headcanons (unless they go against canon)
- sending more than 14 characters will require me to combine some images, but i don't mind it!
- i'd prefer no request to have more than about 200 terms for a single icon
- if i deny a request due to lack of pngs, feel free to send me some
- also, if something doesn't have canon art (like a podcast or novel), feel free to send me your own art to use for a req
- no additional headcanons involving kinks (kink-related genders/orientations/pronouns/etc are okay)
- i consider characters whose stories rely on transphobic stereotypes but are considered cis by their source to be canonically trans (for example, transfem/amab transneutral chihiro fujisaki and transmasc/afab transneutral naoto shirogane)

none of these ships:
- incest/pedophilia/abuse/etc
- (stepsibling/adoptive sibling ships are included with the above)
- anyone under 12ish dating/in a qpr (personal comfort, sorry!)
- queeragamic relationships
- bakugou x izuku or ochaco (bnha)
- gamzee x jane (hs)
- dirk x girls (hs)
- kanaya <3 or <3< boys (hs)
- tavros x vriska (hs)
- alpha trolls x beta trolls (hs)
- amethyst x jasper or the famethyst (su)
- steven x any gems (su)
- shiro x other voltron members (vld)
- keith x lance (vld)
- rey x kylo ren (sw)
- entrapta x other princesses, catra, or bow (spop - entrapta is 25-30 while they're all 18ish)
- jasper x lapis (su)

@neopronouns rules

quick note: because of my own sensory processing issues, i can struggle to determine what is and isn’t eyestrain for other folks. i tag ‘eyestrain’ when i’m absolutely certain something will be a problem and ‘potential eyestrain’ when i’m unsure, which is often. if you see untagged eyestrain, please point it out, but don’t be rude, as i’m legitimately trying my hardest!requests are divided into what's open right now and what isn't!

i will not coin:
- terms that reference anything on the list of sources or terms i won't do requests for (i figure this is obvious, but i want to reiterate just in case)
- terms that specifically reference the christian god or jesus or worship of them for my own comfort. other christian themes (such as angels, the devil, cathedrals, etc.) that aren't necessarily religious by themselves or are often separated from religious beliefs are fine though!
- nonspecifically religious terms (such as 'a gender related to being deeply religious')
- terms that reference goblins or goblincore (unless specifically requested by a jewish person)
- terms that use the word 'f/mboy' (unless specifically requested by a tma person)
- i will most likely deny genders related to specific songs or specific quotes unless i know the song or source already
- i WILL coin terms related to groups i am not in (intersex-related terms, disorders i don't have, etc.) but i'll either need preexisting flags to reference or flag ideas from the requester
- since i know people may worry about this: i love horror, gore, etc. and am happy to coin things relating to scary/creepy/gross things as long as they don't cross any other listed boundaries!
- comuniterm coinings
- ask me to explain/discuss terms you'd like to learn about
- ask if i know of a term off the top of my head - such as 'do you know any genders related to cats?'. currently will only answer these if i either already know the term or can remember where to find it quickly. sorry!
- coining terms
- creating flags for new or flagless terms
- making alternate flags for terms that already have flags
- high-def recreations of flags you've found or designed (1000x600px) (might have to deny some of these based on my personal flagmaking abilities)
- mad pride/disability/etc pride flags, though i won't design flags for conditions i don't have unless i'm given color/design ideas by someone who does have them.
- flag-themed pokemon teams (one flag per team, i'll choose a team of 6 pokemon with one starter and one legendary/mythical that match the flag's colors. if you have any specific requests, such as only fully evolved pokemon or only pokemon from a specific gen, let me know in the req!)
- vertically-striped (barcode) flag headers (keep these under (or just above) 30 flags per request)
- flag splices (like the right-hand images on @mogai-headcanons). i'll make square and circular versions, as well as a handful of simple edits.
- pridecons (they'll be circular unless you ask for square!)
- combo flags (best with two flags, but i might be able to do more, depends on the flags!)
- dni banners (these will be 1500x250, the same dimensions as the one i use, unless you ask otherwise) (i will not make banners that go against my own dni)
- square icons of any flag with the text ‘pride is for me’, ‘the first pride was a riot’, or ‘queer as in fuck you’
- among us pride edits
- affirmation edits for any identity/combo of identities (i'd prefer for combos to be kept to 2/3 for ease)
- making sets of aesthetic/character/pronoun/etc-themed flags, any other flag edits
- finding terms/pronouns that fit you
- making pronoun flags
quick note - dni banners and high-def flags will just be posted as a response to the ask!

(18+) @neopornouns rules

(minors and those who do not want to see sexual language, go back now)

this blog is specifically for terms with sexual themes - please send all other requests to @neopronouns!along with the boundaries listed on the @neopronouns rules page, i will also not coin:
- terms related to ddlg or any other ageplay kinks
- terms related to scat or vomit
- terms related to feederism or any other fat fetishism
- terms related to pregnancy, breeding, or anything in that vein (jokey things like 'submissive and breedable' are fine)
- terms related to vore
- terms that are positively related to pedophilia, incest, abuse, zoophilia, or necrophilia (terms for those with paraphilic disorders, intrusive thoughts, trauma, etc. are fine)
- explanation/discussion of terms
- looking to see if a certain term exists (i might not answer these if it would take me a long time to find a term, sorry)
- coining terms
- creating flags for flagless terms, whether coined by you or by someone else
- creating flags to represent certain kinks
- 1000x600px recreations of flags you've found or designed
- pridecons (they'll be circular unless you ask for square, and on this blog, i'll only do these with adult characters)
- flag splices (like the right-hand images on @mogai-headcanons)
- pronoun flags
- if you see another type of request that i take on @neopronouns that isn't listed here, i'm also open to doing those for 18+ terms, i just wanted to list the main things i'll be doing here
- headcanons, like on @mogai-headcanons, but from explicit sources or with additional 18+ elements (such as 'x is gendersub and is in a d/s relationship with y', etc.)
- nothing atm!

request whitelist!

this is a list of things that i will be particularly happy/excited to do requests related to when they're open!
this list may sometimes include request types that i am taking while all other requests are closed (they'll be listed right below this)!

- aesthetigenders of any kind
- aurethi and tenethi
- flag pokemon teams
- terms related to 'cookie run: ovenbreak'
- ^ especially terms related to abyss monarch cookie, wind archer cookie, millennial tree cookie, snake fruit cookie, roguefort cookie, or astronaut cookie
- subjattraction terms
- subtliden terms, especially ones similar to lesboy and veldigirl
- terms related to traits of a character/things related to a character, but not necessarily that character (examples)
- rosboy/azurgirl subterms (or terms that are similar/related/adjacent to rosboy/azurgirl)
- connec, unnec, and parnec terms
- orientationgenders
- terms related to the f-slur or d-slur
- terms related to being aro(spec)/alloaro(spec)
- terms under any neogender umbrellas
- terms related to anything else from my coinfight 2023 info, since i'm still highly interested in all of those things!

if you're looking for more mogai blogs to follow, here are some good ones! this is in no particular order and i'll add to it as i find more blogs. some blogs may be inactive but are still good to peruse.if you're a mogai blog who wants to be on this page, just send me an ask off anon or including your username and i'll get you added when i can!!- genderpaquerette
- radiomogai
- gender-jargon
- variant-archive
- gender-archival
- genderthaumiel
- kenochoric-moved
- missing-mogai-labels
- genderstalgia
- snowymogai
- cinnamogai
- pupyzu
- amerafluid
- lovemogai
- genderqueer-dream
- rainbowgender
- begendered-mogai
- gendersea
- rando-pride-flags
- neogenders
- epikulupu
- gender-inc
- autistic-xenbi
- candyic
- erokoric
- mogaimonster
- angel-mogai-archive
- plushself
- sparklemogai
- liminal-mushrooms
- pinkfruitgender
- quotegender
- daydreamgender-archive
- squirmgender
- forest-of-mogai-genders
- genderator
- sleepypapillon
- mogai-sunflowers
- meadow-of-mogai-melodies
- musicalmogai
- kenogai
- ethereal-nighttmare
- auroras-kiss
- ethereafae
- cringe-autie-queer
- emoji-gender
- adorable-abomination
- xenoleaf
- oxigenders
- gender-mailman
- thepixelmogai
- mourningmogaicrew
- sweetsgender
- bugbane-xenos
- nekae-void
- tutelaric
- neontart
- astraldomination
- mogaimom
- mogai-pizzahut-and-tacobell
- noxwithoutstars
- mogai-magica
- starrymogai
- gennerflooid
- pokegameic
- bigendr
- alcremie-mogai-n-kin
- lunemogai
- wafflebotz
- absolutely0bjectum
- aceandarothingies
- roseyfangs
- kalkoins
- mystery-mogai-theater
- mogeye
- nursquid
- jestcoining
- snowiexmogai
- miauology
- mogai-spackle
- gender-funky
- xenicritters
- allion-archive
- mogaibite
- redacted-entity
- spirgender
- themogaidragon
- recyclemogai
- salgender
- bored-coiner
- bees--on--toast
- flagmeanew
- chxrrys-gxnder-kingdom
- eccentric-kalki-talde
- mogai-place
- neon-mogai
- clovers-field
- theowlhouse-mogai
- the-angelic-mimi-meadows
- soapgender
- enkelikitty-mogai
- crying-roses
- genderyboy
- heedthesirenscall
- kenochoric-archive
- sunshinesolaic
- theoqueer
- mogai-vexillology
- indiigo
- astrophellian
- finding
- voidcoining
- lovesick-mogai
- revenant-coining
- local-yurei

things i associate with my identity - for 2023 coinfight

i am on team moon!

general stuff:
- feminine, femme, nonbinary, genderqueer, xenine, and/or kenochoric boyhood/manhood
- anything under the aurethesia or tenethesia umbrellas
- being aromantic/aroallo
- being a gay man/mspec gay man
- reclaiming the f-slur
- any of the conditions listed on my about page (especially autism, adhd, hypersexuality, and npd traits)
- alterhumanity/nonhumanity
- various -punk terms (there are some listed on my about page as well)
- space (both real space and fictional space things, such as aliens)
- the ocean (same as above - things like mermaids are welcome)
- shapeshifting, polymorphs, etc.
- technology, robots, ai, etc.
- books, libraries, academia aesthetics, etc.
- the colors teal (bluish-green), rose (pink-red), golden yellow (slightly orangish-yellow), silver, indigo, and purple (closer to blue than pink)
- i love the concept of aesthetics in general, so if there's an aesthetic you like that doesn't have a related gender yet, feel free to attack me with it!
- auroracore/dark auroracore, any other ethereal aesthetics
- any tech-related aesthetic
- any punk aesthetic
- academia aesthetics, especially dark academia, writer academia, and queer academia
- whimsigoth
- woodsy aesthetics, especially ones that include magic/fae/etc.
animals/mythical creatures/etc.:
- domestic cats and small wildcats
- birds, especially corvids and owls
- mermaids, especially less conventional ones (ex: shark mermaids)
- fairies/fae
- vampires
- any mythical creature that's just an animal with wings (ex: pegasi)
- foxes
- deer, particularly white-tailed deer and fawns
- the magnus archives (i'm eye-aligned)
- the portal series (including the unofficial spinoffs 'portal stories: mel' and 'aperture tag')
- cult of the lamb
- rusty lake
- undertale and deltarune
- pokemon
- homestuck
- rick and morty
- steven universe
- the owl house
- amphibia
- gravity falls
- the amazing world of gumball
- phineas and ferb
- bluey